NAD+ The Molecule of Youth & Wellness

January 15, 2018

NAD+ The Molecule of Youth & Wellness

Recent research has proven NAD+ to have effects far beyond just energy formation. It is critical in processes such as DNA repair and cell to cell communications, which have a great influence on the effect of aging, and overall wellness of the body. Its benefits include…

  1. Promoting the efficiency of the mitochondria – boosting physical and mental energy
  2. Promoting sirtuin gene activation (anti-aging properties)
  3. Enhancing cognitive health and preventing negative effects of aging on the brain
  4. Promoting insulin sensitivity to ensure healthy blood sugar levels
  5. Repairing DNA to prevent mutations from radiation exposure

A Harvard Medical School study concluded that the presence of NAD+ inside human kidney cells inhibits the function of DBC1, a protein that deactivates the vitality-boosting proteins sirtuin and PARP. Thus, the increased presence of NAD+ promotes the function of sirtuin and PARP, whose roles are similar in that they both help repair damaged DNA, delaying the effects of aging. NAD+ also plays a critical role in synchronizing the mitochondrial function and circadian regulation. This optimizes your body’s energy production and synchronize your body’s sleeping and waking cycles, ultimately providing a more efficient release of energy throughout the day.

As you age, your NAD+ levels decline, making it more difficult for DNA mutations to be repaired, as well as decreasing your mitochondrial function and energy production. These are the major reason why your body exhibits physical symptoms of aging, as well as also promoting neurodegeneration, vascular inflammation, increased fat storage and production, and mental and physical fatigue. Since NAD+ metabolism and concentration throughout your body hold such a critical role in total cellular metabolism, it has become an attractive method for treating the negative effect aging has on not only your appearance but also your cellular function.

Unfortunately, many of the oral pure NAD+ supplements you see on the market today don’t typically induce the benefits described above, because they are often severely under-dosed and ineffective. A more efficient way to increase your NAD+ levels over time is to increase the levels of NAD+’s precursors in your body, more specifically niacinamide and niacin, found in Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is essential for cellular energy production and management, while also playing a role in over 400 enzymatic reactions across your body. The infusion of Vitamin B3 via intravenous injection pushes the building blocks of NAD+ right into your bloodstream, promoting the salvage synthesis of NAD+ in your body.

The I.V. Doc™ offers two products containing niacinamide that when administered effectively make you feel and look younger:

  1. B Complex (100mg/ml of Niacinamide)
  2. Multi-vitamin infusion (40 mg of Niacinamide)

Both Vitamin B Complex and Multi-Vitamin provided intravenously promote the natural salvage synthesis of NAD+, which may be tricking your body’s cells into acting like younger cells, inhibiting the negative effects that come with age.

Interestingly, another Harvard University study has shown that the anti-aging effects of Vitamin B3 when it made the tissues of a two-year-old mouse appear as if they were the tissues of a six-month-old mouse, similar to making a 60-year-old human appear and feel like a 20-year-old. While the translation of effects from mice to humans is not significantly accurate, many studies have already provided sufficient evidence strongly supporting NAD+’s health benefits in humans. The restoration of your NAD+ levels via NAD+ precursor supplementation noticeably counteracts many diseases associated with aging. Vitamin B3’s combined effect of sirtuin activation and NAD+ synthesis open a whole new world of possibilities, providing legitimate hope to aging societies across the world.


This video is a HMS study that explains the science behind NAD+’s effect on age related proteins. (double click to play)

An additional link to above video on NAD+'s effect on aging (anti-aging) :


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