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The I.V. Doc™: created to meet the wellness demands of today's active lifestyles

In 2013 we saw a need that wasn't being met: the ability of busy, successful and on-the-go people to address conditions like the flu, food poisoning, severe hangover and other wellness issues promptly and effectively in the privacy of their home or current location. Until then, their only recourses were inefficient oral remedies or visiting a medical facility-often unnecessary or not possible. There had to be a better way.

The I.V. Doc Is Born

We recognized that in situations like these, in-home intravenous infusions could achieve the desired results with the immediacy and discreetness sought. In addition to our recovery treatments, our I.V. protocols could also deliver significant wellness benefits like cleansing, beautifying and rehydrating with the same timeliness and convenience.

We Put the Quality of Our I.V. Care First

From the outset, The I.V. Doc has fulfilled its mission to provide high quality, safe and effective mobile I.V. services to our customers. We put together a far-reaching network of experienced, trusted and licensed medical professionals whose utmost concern is your health and well-being. We offer time-tested intravenous therapies to treat flu, jet lag, hangover, food poisoning, energy depletion, and other debilitating conditions. And provide rehydrating wellness boosts when it's essential you look and feel your best.

All in the Comfort of Your Chosen Location

The I.V. Doc comes to you. Whether in the relaxing surroundings of your home, hotel accommodations or private office, you can be sure your treatment will be administered discreetly and kept in the strictest confidence. This is why The I.V. Doc is the preferred service of celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Give yourself every advantage to be in top physical and mental form with our prompt, mobile and reasonably priced I.V. recovery and wellness treatments.

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From Our Customers

From Our Customers

“Helped me out tremendously... Saved my visit!””

- Samantha, San Francisco

Results may vary.

“It was amazing. Nurse was great. Within the hour I felt like a bull.”

- Sean, Manhattan

Results may vary.

“Love you guys! Woke up with a stomach bug and have a party for 50 people tonight -- thank you for everything! I am ready to go! Your team is so professional and so helpful.”

- Monica, Southampton

Results may vary.

“I feel like a new woman. Your staff was excellent thank you so much!”

- Tracy, San Francisco

Results may vary.

“The Flu Relief was literally life saving! Thanks IV DOC”

Heather, New York

Results may vary.

“For those asking if The I.V. Docs services are worth it, the answer is a big fat YES! Thanks for bringing me back to life!”

- Kristina, PA

Results may vary.

“Recovery is just as important as training, The I.V. Doctor cut my recovery time in half.”

- Mike, Los Angeles

Results may vary.

“You saved my Vegas trip! When in Vegas always plan for The I.V. Doc!”

Sam, Las Vegas

Results may vary.

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