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Affiliation to THE I.V. DOC


From the beginning, the THE I.V. DOC movement has provided an alternative to the prevailing hospital ER visits and Urgent Care visits by providing superior concierge intravenous (I.V.) fluid treatments in the comfort and privacy of our patient’s homes, hotels and private offices.

We promoted the safety and ease of our “in-home” I.V. service to patient’s throughout the world with an affiliated team of trusted health care professionals. THE I.V. DOC is not a franchising organization and never will be. Our affiliates constitute a confederation of health care professionals made up of Registered Nurses (R.N.), Nurse Practitioners (N.P.), Physicians Assistants (P.A.) and Physicians (M.D. and D.O.) united around concierge I.V. hydration for recovery and prevention and pooling reliable resources under the THE I.V. DOC name.

Today, with affiliates worldwide, we see ourselves as part of the global health services. Between the methods, outcomes, and care principles of THE I.V. DOC we have become leaders in concierge care for our  patients.

THE I.V. DOC affiliation is a movement started by Physicians who wanted their own friends and family and community care improved. And now more than ever, it has become a call to all medical providers who really care about patient care, patient safety, and patient outcomes to affiliate with THE I.V. DOC. Our affiliate process is broken down into just a few steps. For more specific information on the affiliation process, see How to Affiliate.

Who We Are …

Since inception, THE IV DOC ® brand has grown from a niche service I offered select clients in New York City to an international success story in concierge medicine. Our success is attributed to putting our patients needs first. We offer a hands-on premium medical experience. Our core business is providing intravenous hydration services to patients for recovery from dehydration and non-serious illness and for wellness. Since COVID-19 we continue to expand our in-home medical services supervised by our team of physicians. The professionalism by which we deliver our service, and the concierge nature of our work is why everyone from professionals to celebrities trust THE IV DOC ®

Our success could not be achieved without the help of our amazing affiliate partners of medical professionals around the world.  We now invite you to take part in this success story.

We want to fuel a revolution in IV hydration and at home concierge services that advocates the care and compassion you would provide your family members — that measures up to an unmatched experience with superior results for your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in being an I.V. Doc Affiliate?

  • Legal use of the The I.V. Doc name, logo, and promotional materials
  • Legal use of the The I.V. Doc Drip Lounge name
  • Promotion from
  • Support from The I.V. Doc, Inc. on specific and general issues. The I.V. Doc vigorously protects its brand and those licensed to use the The I.V. Doc name.

What is the process for becoming an affiliate?

Visit our How to Affiliate page. Note that you must be an I.V. Doc Certificate holder before applying for affiliation.


Do I still have to affiliate if I want to operate as a nonprofit?

Yes. By affiliating you are licensing the The I.V. Doc name and making it legal to use that name; whether you make money from your endeavors or not, you still have to affiliate.


Can there be more than one affiliate in one town, city, state, neighborhood?

Yes. We do not limit the number of affiliates in any given area.

THE I.V. DOC Drip Lounge

We encourage and welcome physician offices, medical spas, hotels, gyms, and entrepreneurs to incorporate THE I.V. DOC Drip Lounge into their business model and join us as Affiliates.  Affiliation fees remain the same as do the requirements to apply. Additional insurance requirements must be met prior to applying.



What Our Customers Say

“You can’t afford to be sick in NYC… Thank you!!!”

- George, Dallas

“At my office at 9, trading by 9:30…Saviors!”

- John, Brooklyn

“Thanks... I'm feeling great!! You guys saved my vacation and my life. I can't thank you enough.”

- Stacy, Colorado

“It was amazing. Nurse was great. Within the hour I felt like a bull.”

- Sean, Manhattan

“For those asking if The I.V. Docs services are worth it, the answer is a big fat YES! Thanks for bringing me back to life!”

- Kristina, PA

“Love you guys! Woke up with a stomach bug and have a party for 50 people tonight -- thank you for everything! I am ready to go! Your team is so professional and so helpful.”

- Monica, Southampton

“You saved my Vegas trip! When in Vegas always plan for The I.V. Doc!”

Sam, Las Vegas

“The Flu Relief was literally life saving! Thanks IV DOC”

Heather, New York

“I feel like a new woman. Your staff was excellent thank you so much!”

- Tracy, San Francisco

“Recovery is just as important as training, The I.V. Doctor cut my recovery time in half.”

- Mike, Los Angeles

“I feel like a new man Thank you I.V. Doc”

J.S. - Manhattan

“The best thing to happen to Chicago! (Go Cubs)”

- David, Chicago

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