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Immediate Relief for Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS): Personalized At-Home IV Therapy

As the dialogue around cannabis use becomes increasingly nuanced, understanding its potential adverse effects is crucial. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), a condition characterized by severe, cyclical vomiting following prolonged cannabis use, has emerged as a significant concern for many. At, we specialize in providing immediate, at-home relief for those suffering from CHS and marijuana overdose symptoms, with a focus on personalized care. Our innovative service ensures each client speaks with a medical provider before treatment, guaranteeing a tailored approach to their recovery.

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Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

Does NAD IV Therapy Work? The effectiveness of NAD IV therapy in enhancing physical and mental health has garnered significant attention. This innovative treatment involves administering a high dose of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream, believed to boost energy, repair cells, and even slow aging. Anecdotal…

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What is in NAD IV Therapy

Understanding the Lasting Impact of NAD IV Therapy The enduring benefits of NAD IV therapy are a subject of much interest to those seeking long-term wellness solutions. Known for providing a remarkable energy boost, enhancing cognitive function, and supporting metabolic health, the effects of NAD IV…

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NAD Drip for COVID: How Does It Work?

NAD Drip for COVID: How Does It Work?

NAD is an enzyme that helps with your body’s energy production. Can it help with COVID symptoms? Let’s look at this intravenous treatment. 

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Duration of Benefits: How Long Does NAD IV Therapy Last?

Duration of Benefits: How Long Does NAD IV Therapy Last? The lasting impact of NAD IV therapy on health and wellness is significant for individuals looking for sustainable wellness solutions. The benefits, such as enhanced energy, mental clarity, and improved mood, typically extend from days to weeks,…

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The Power of Vitamin IV Drips: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Health and Wellness

Unlock the power of Vitamin IV Drips for a revitalized and energized life! Discover the extraordinary benefits of Vitamin C, B12, B Complex, Biotin, and Glutathione delivered through IV therapy. Learn how these essential nutrients can boost immunity, promote radiant skin, and support overall well-being. Dive into the science-backed insights and expert research that will inspire you to embrace the incredible potential of Vitamin IV Drips.

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Best IV Fluids For Dehydration In Adults

Best IV Fluids For Dehydration In Adults

Have you been feeling dehydrated lately? The I.V. Doc has you covered! These are the best IV fluids to give your body a boost.

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How To Recover From a Hangover in Long Island

How To Recover From a Hangover in Long Island

Are you over feeling hungover? Learn how to recover from a hangover quickly, easily, and inexpensively right from home in the Long Island area.

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What Our Customers Say

“It was amazing. Nurse was great. Within the hour I felt like a bull.”

- Sean, Manhattan

“I feel like a new woman. Your staff was excellent thank you so much!”

- Tracy, San Francisco

“You guys saved me today! I had food poisoning, and was up all night. I ordered Revive and now I am about to close my second deal today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- Robert, Manhattan

“I feel like a new man Thank you I.V. Doc”

J.S. - Manhattan

“The Flu Relief was literally life saving! Thanks IV DOC”

Heather, New York

“The best thing to happen to Chicago! (Go Cubs)”

- David, Chicago

“Thanks... I'm feeling great!! You guys saved my vacation and my life. I can't thank you enough.”

- Stacy, Colorado

“Recovery is just as important as training, The I.V. Doctor cut my recovery time in half.”

- Mike, Los Angeles

“THANK YOU!!!!! I was able to go home for Father's Day without feeling ill AND I was able to stuff my face with filet mignon which would not have been possible without you guys!! Thanks again!”

- Kat, NYC

“I feel like a rockstar!”

Friends from Chicago

“You can’t afford to be sick in NYC… Thank you!!!”

- George, Dallas

“Got revived… and now I feel like I could run a marathon”

- Wes, Manhattan

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