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IV Fluid Hangover Treamtent

April 26, 2016

IV Fluid Hangover Treamtent

It was a great night, or at least it seemed so at the time.

Your buddies had a blast and you think you did, too, at least what you can remember. But there are definite gaps in your memory and whatever happened last night, this morning you're paying the price. It seems like you have a team of Clydesdales marching through your frontal cortex. A massive, pounding headache and more than a little nausea seem like too high a price for fun that is now a dim, distant and mostly absent memory.

You've been here before, unfortunately.

You've tried the hair of the dog but that only delays the inevitable and stretches out the torture. Besides, you don't have any dog hair available. A professor once told you that alcohol blocks the production of a chemical called Glutamate because the liver is too busy metabolizing all those shots you knocked so confidently back last evening. But eventually the Glutamate comes online and floods your system making you feel as vulnerable as if you were stuck well below the surface of the Rocky Mountain ice.

As you stumble to the bathroom yet again, somewhere in the painful chamber that was once called your mind, you remember that drinking plenty of water is probably the most important thing you can do. You think that last night you practiced what you preach to all your party animal friends: drink plenty of water and eat while drinking, but this morning you can't be sure of anything. This must be the tenth time you've been to the bathroom since midnight. You'd think that by now that you would have learned that alcohol is a diuretic.

As you stumble out of the bathroom, you remember the aspirin you have in the middle drawer of the cabinet and turn around and stumble back in to get it. You're a Hangover Pro so you know that Tylenol or acetaminophen shouldn't be used because it doesn't mix well with the sauce and unfortunately there's still too much alcohol in the distillery that used to be called your liver. But you do find some Ibuprophen and take a couple or four with some more water. And as you put the bottle back you notice something else that looks like it could be useful -- some Pepto Bismol. It lives up to its name and tastes abismol but you barely notice. Honestly, you just want to get back into bed and sleep the week away.

'Why do I do this?" you ask yourself in a sort of futile and rhetorical self-deprecation. You do it to have a good time, but how can such a good time leave you feeling so awful? If only there was a faster hangover cure.

Newsflash! There is now a faster hangover treatment.

It comes in the form of an IV fluid hangover treatment that can have you feeling like normal quicker than you can say, "Johnnie Walker." Yes, dehydration is a major part of a hangover, so rehydration is the key to faster hangover recovery. And since IV rehydration works much faster than taking fluids orally, this hangover treatment is so effective, you won't even remember your black-out.

Our IV fluid hangover relief combines the speed of IV hydration with anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and pain relief ingredients to reverse your hangover symptoms in no time at all. Simply go to the "Services" section of this website and check out our Detox package. Then a visit by our team to your own home is just a phone call away.

A final word of caution. Don't believe everything you hear in beer commercials. For goodness sake whatever you do, don't "stay thirsty" my friends. That's simply asking to be dehydrated which is never, ever good for you. If you want to be the most interesting man (or woman) in the world, drink plenty of water.

We can't promise that our IV fluid hangover relief will make you the most interesting person in the world but it will surely make you feel better in no time at all, and all in the comfort of your own home, or even college dorm.

Stay hydrated, my friends.

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From Our Customers

From Our Customers

“It was amazing. Nurse was great. Within the hour I felt like a bull.”

- Sean, Manhattan

Results may vary.

“You saved my Vegas trip! When in Vegas always plan for The I.V. Doc!”

Sam, Las Vegas

Results may vary.

“You guys saved me today! I had food poisoning, and was up all night. I ordered Revive and now I am about to close my second deal today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- Robert, Manhattan

Results may vary.

“Love you guys! Woke up with a stomach bug and have a party for 50 people tonight -- thank you for everything! I am ready to go! Your team is so professional and so helpful.”

- Monica, Southampton

Results may vary.

“Helped me out tremendously... Saved my visit!””

- Samantha, San Francisco

Results may vary.

“The Flu Relief was literally life saving! Thanks IV DOC”

Heather, New York

Results may vary.

“B12!! Weight loss, energy, focus! See you next week.”

- Rachel, NYC

Results may vary.

“I feel like a new man Thank you I.V. Doc”

J.S. - Manhattan

Results may vary.

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