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B Vitamins

By THE IV DOC, May 15, 2016

B Vitamins

Let's look at the major B vitamins.

Vitamin B1: Thiamine.

It helps with the metabolism of sugars and amino acids.

The best known consequence of thiamine deficiency is the disease beriberi. Symptoms include emotional disturbances, weight loss, muscular pain and weakness, swelling and in the worst cases, cardiovascular problems and even death. It can also lead to cognitive impairment and amnesia.

Vitamin B2: Riboflavin.

This vitamin has a role in the absorption of other vitamins. Deficiency can lead to such symptoms as sensitivity to sunlight, cracked lips, sore throat and swelling of the inside of the mouth.

Vitamin B3: Niacin or nicotinic acid.

Niacin makes enzymes that are involved in several metabolic processes. In combination with a tryptophan deficiency, low niacin levels can cause pellagra which has symptoms of insomnia, skin rash, muscular weakness, diarrhea and in extreme cases can lead to dementia and death.

Vitamin B5: Pantothenic acid.

Like Niacin above, makes enzymes that are involved in metabolism. Deficiency can result in acne.

Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine.

B6 is involved in metabolic reactions. Deficiencies can result in pink eye, skin eruptions and some neurological conditions.

Vitamin B7: Biotin.

Another vitamin needed for the metabolism of sugar and fatty acids. A deficiency is most notable in infants where it can cause the famous "inborn error of metabolism."

Vitamin B9: Folic acid.

This B vitamin is critical at times when there is rapid cell division and growth, like in pregnancy and infancy. It will be no surprise to learn that deficiency in pregnant women can lead to birth defects. Deficiency can also result in anemia and low levels of homocysteine.

Vitamin B12: various cobalamins; commonly cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin.

B12 is important for the metabolism for every cell in the body and involved in the synthesis of DNA. Deficiencies are most common in the elderly as absorption of B12 tends to decline with age. Symptoms include peripheral neuropathy, memory impairment and general cognitive decline. B12 deficiency can also in rare cases lead to psychosis and mania.

Vitamin B deficiency & IV vitamin supplementation.

Vitamin B deficiency might occur if you eat a lot of processed foods. Processed carbohydrates like sugar and white flour that are in a lot of processed foods have fewer B vitamins than in unprocessed food, like whole grains. B vitamins are also found in legumes, potatoes, bananas, chili peppers amongst others. Foods that are labeled as having "enriched flour" have had thiamine, riboflavin, naicin and folic acid added to the processed ingredients, a legal requirement in the U.S. and some other countries. Although B vitamins are in yeast and are thus in beer, alcohol significantly reduces their absorption, so alcohol is not a good source of B vitamins. Sorry.

B12 is not available in plant products and is thus deficiency is potentially an issue for vegans and vegetarians. In addition, seniors and athletes may need to supplement their B vitamins because of energy and absorption issues. As a result we offer IV Vitamin supplementation for these groups. As you can tell, the B vitamins are essential for cell metabolism and thus impact every part of your body.

Two other groups are also susceptible to B vitamin deficiencies and we have helped many of these people with our IV vitamin supplementation. Diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, are particularly susceptible to low levels of thiamine. It is also important for pregnant women, and even those planning to become pregnant, to ensure they have adequate levels of folic acid as deficiencies of B9 are associated with birth defects.

IV fluid relief allows B vitamins to be much more quickly absorbed then when taken orally, leading to faster recovery of any symptoms of deficiency and greater peace of mind. Call today to talk with a physician and find out more about our IV Vitamin package.

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