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Holiday Parties: Beating the Hangover

By THE IV DOC, November 12, 2016

Holiday Parties: Beating the Hangover

What is a Hangover?

Put simply a hangover is your body’s reaction to alcohol. You might notice that sometimes even one drink is enough to bring on the head and body aches. The more you drink, they more likely it is you will be sick, but there are many factors involved in a hangover – quantity is just one consideration. For example,

  • Alcohol triggers urine production. Excess urine results in dehydration, so all those extra trips to the bathroom leave you thirsty, dizziness and lightheaded.
  • Alcohol negatively affects the immune system. Drinking triggers an inflammatory response. That is why you get confused easily when you drink and that feeling sticks with you the next day.
  • Alcohol leads to low blood sugar. That tired achy feeling you get with a hangover is a direct result of low blood sugar. It is also responsible for the shakiness and difficulty staying awake the day after your party. For some people, that low blood sugar can cause seizures.
  • While your blood sugar is dropping, your blood vessels are opening and that explains that pounding headache.

The trick to beating a hangover is in the preparation.

Tips for Avoiding a Hangover

The best defense is a good offense when it comes to hangovers.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the night to lower your risk dehydration
  • Eat before you go out. This will absorb the alcohol and help balance your blood sugar.
  • Stick to light colored liquors. Dark colored brews have additives for flavor that contribute to a hangover.

Take a common-sense approach to managing your hangover if it does happen. A hangover IV helps restore your fluid, balance your electrolytes and increase both blood volume and sugar. The right formula is a hangover cure that you can count on because it supplies both fluids and nutrition to get you back on your feet.

IV vitamin therapy is often tailored to meet the needs of the client, but most infusions will include:

  • A balanced electrolyte solution
  • Medications to combat symptoms
  • Multi vitamin
  • Vitamin B complex

These nutrients along with a lactated ringer’s solution consisting of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium lactate and calcium balance fluid and electrolytes to make you feel better. It’s a hangover remedy based on sound science and evidence-based medicine.

Whether you are thinking ahead to the holidays or planning your next vacation party, consider how scheduling an IV for your hangover can get you going again once the celebration is over.

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