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Marathons, Obstacle Course Races, Triathlons: How to maximize endurance with IV fluid treatments

By THE IV DOC, January 19, 2017


Inadequate hydration during an event means long recovery times, as well. This is something that New York athletes running the famous marathon know all too well.

On the other hand, the right fluid formula enhances your performance, reduces the impending thermal stress, keeps plasma volume balanced and delays fatigue. Competition is about strength and stamina, but it’s also about smart strategies that include IV hydration therapy. Whether you are a serious athlete or the occasional marathoner, proper hydration is the key to performing at peak and enjoying a quick recovery post-competition.

The Effect of Dehydration

Dehydration cuts endurance in half, according to a 1996 study conducted by researchers for the U.S. Army. Sweat induced hypohydration decreases plasma volume in proportion to the fluid loss. Plasma is a necessary component in sweat, causing hypohydration during prolonged or intense exercise.

The study also found that elevated plasma osmolality occurs in response to hypohydration from sweating. Sodium and chloride redistribute the body fluid from the intra and extracellular spaces of muscle and skin trying to maintain blood volume.

Dehydration means:

  • Reduced blood volume
  • Decreased blood flow to skin
  • Reduced sweat rates
  • Poor heat dissipation
  • Higher core temperatures
  • Increased muscle glycogen use

The combination of these factors leads to reduced cardiac output and fatigue, slowing the endurance athlete down.

Hydration Means More Than Just Fluid

Metabolism requires a balance of key vitamins and minerals, but the endurance athlete burns them quickly. This is why effective hydration strategies include a combination of fluid and essential nutrients. High-intensity exercise depletes calories, potassium and electrolytes like sodium. Proper fueling must include:

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin C

How Can Athletes Overcome Hydration Deficits?

One of the most effective solutions to dehydration is IV hydration therapy. With it, athletes can boost their performance naturally while increasing overall strength. IVs for athletes also reduce the fatigue that comes after a competition, too, providing for shorter recovery times.

There are a number of ways aThe IV Doc might go about providing intravenous vitamin therapy to athletes, but most will include IV glutathione to increase stamina. Glutathione is a natural element manufactured in the liver and present in all cells. It works as an antioxidant to combat oxidative stress by donating electrons to free radicals while revitalizing the blood and improving flow.

Effective IV therapy will include vitamins and essential nutrients designed to give you an edge before and after the competition. The IV Doc customizes the therapy to meet your specific needs.

More and more IV therapy is becoming an essential part of competitive training strategies. It’s the combination of hydration, vitamins and nutrients that keep endurance athletes performing their best.


Hypohydration: effects on body fluid redistribution, temperature regulation & exercise-heat tolerance, Michael N. Sawka and Scott J. Montain, U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Natick, Massachusetts 0 1760-5007, USA , 1996

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