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Norovirus: The Winter Vomiting Bug - prevention and treatment

By THE IV DOC, January 17, 2018


Each year, around 21 million people are struck by what is commonly referred to as “The Winter Vomiting Bug.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Norovirus leads to about 1.9 million visits to the doctor’s office and 400,000 trips to the ER – mostly during the cold months, hence the nickname. Your risk of getting sick increases by 50 percent every time a new strain develops.

What can the average individual do to reduce their chances of catching this potentially life-threatening infection? One of the most comprehensive medical tools at your disposal is an IV vitamin therapy tailored for cold and flu season.

Some Facts About the Norovirus

The Norovirus in an infection of a particularly virulent strain of virus shed via the feces. It is highly contagious and usually spread through food or water. The most common symptoms of this illness are sudden onset vomiting and diarrhea that begins from 24 to 48 hours after exposure. Most people recover well from it but issues like dehydration can exasperate the problem and extend recovery time. Severe dehydration and malnutrition are potentially life-threatening complications associated with norovirus.

How to Avoid the Norovirus

As with most infections, prevention is your best weapon against Norovirus. Good hand hygiene is especially important with this illness because it is so very contagious. Other tips to avoiding getting sick include:

Wash fruits and vegetables well before eating them

Cook seafood thoroughly

Take precautions like getting an immune-boosting IV vitamin treatment if traveling

Even seemingly healthy individuals can have a depressed immune system, especially if you work in a stressful job or are dealing with life problems. Stress lowers your ability to fight infections because it triggers the adrenal glands to produce cortisol at high levels. It’s your body’s way of trying to suppress inflammation but it backfires because it also results in a less effective immune system.

Whether you are getting ready to travel and are worried about food poisoning or just want to go into the flu season stronger and better able to fight the Norovirus, the right IV cocktail is the solution. The IV doctor will tailor a vitamin treatment formula that targets your specific risk factors like an impaired immune system, high-stress job or even a child who goes to daycare.

An IV formula designed to boost the immune system would include multivitamins, high doses of vitamin C and the amino acid lysine. Lysine is important to a healthy immune system and it is shown to reduce anxiety by helping to regulate serotonin levels.

Treatment Options

If you are unlucky enough to catch the winter bug this year, then a convenient in-home IV treatment might be the best medicine. IV fluids are important because they replenish what you lose through vomiting or diarrhea to prevent dehydration and, combined with the minerals and vitamins in a banana bag such as folic acid, magnesium sulphate and thiamine, can provide the immune system boost you need to get out of bed faster.



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