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I.V. hydration for beautiful, healthy skin

April 25, 2018

I.V. hydration for beautiful, healthy skin

Photoshop? Good genes? Sunscreen? Luxury skin products? It’s an age old question that we’ve all asked ourselves (or Google) … How do celebrities have such glowing, flawless skin?

While good genes and sunscreen help, the answer is actually even simpler. The key to beautiful, celebrity-caliber skin is hydration. That’s right – plain old H2O. Take it from Miss USA 2017: Kara McCullough (pictured above) believes that “you improve your body [by] cleans[ing] yourself

from the inside out." Hydration purifies what’s inside your body, which reflects on the outside. Could it be that simple? Yes – but not if you’re in the 75% of Americans that are chronically dehydrated.

3 ways hydration helps get beautiful, healthy skin

  1. Moisture, smoothness, softness: No surprise here – Your skin is made up of around 64 percent water so when you are properly hydrated, your skin will appear more moisturized, smooth, and soft.
  2. Fewer blemishes: Water helps the digestive system rid the body of toxins. More water in your body can decrease the proportion of concentrated oils that cause blemishes and breakouts.
  3. Less noticeable wrinkles: Water replenishes skin tissue – providing skin cells with necessary nutrients and fluids. Skin becomes more elastic, full and plump, which can decrease size and appearance of wrinkles and skin lines.

Celebrities also keep their bodies full of vitamins – especially vitamin B. Vitamins are not produced naturally within your body so you must get them from outside sources such as diet or supplements. Unfortunately, following a comprehensive diet including all necessary vitamins is easier said than done. Of all of the types of vitamin B, the following are the most important for skin health:

Skin benefits from Vitamin B

  • Vitamin B1: Helps regenerate collagen, a molecule that makes skin flexible and resilient
  • Vitamin B2: Speeds up wound healing, reduces inflammation, and maintains collagen
  • Vitamin B3: Guards skin from sun damage and decreases redness and discolorations
  • Vitamin B5: Increases water storage in skin cells, acting as the skin’s natural moisturizer
  • Vitamin B6: Decreases secretion of sebum, a yellow, gooey substance that aggravates acne
  • Vitamin B12: Increases red blood cell reproduction, which reduces dryness, redness, and inflammation

Drink at least 8 glasses of water and eat a balanced diet to get your necessary vitamins. If, like most ambitious, busy people, you struggle to drink enough water and eat right, you may want to consider IV hydration therapy. A scientifically-proven IV hydration regimen with vitamins can get you the skin that you want.

For example, Miss USA 2017 trusts Washington D.C.’s very own Dr. Nagula with her IV hydration treatments. Kara McCullough grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, so it was a natural choice for her to seek out the I.V. Doc in D.C. for her IV hydration. The I.V. Doc’s Beautify Treatment includes 1 L of fluid, anti-inflammatory, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, and a multi-vitamin cocktail called the “Banana Bag.” The best part is that the treatment is delivered and administered at your home, office, or hotel and only takes 30 minutes!

Celebrity-caliber skin in only 30 minutes – click here to schedule a Beautify Treatment at one of our 21 locations now.

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From Our Customers

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