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6 Ways a NAD Drip Is Beneficial For Your Health

April 28, 2022

6 Ways a NAD Drip Is Beneficial For Your Health


We all want to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of our bodies. You can eat healthily, exercise regularly, and manage your sleep, but, at the end of the day, sometimes you need a little extra help. It’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also trying to manage your career and social life; everything may start to take more time and energy than you have.

If you are always looking for new, cutting-edge ways that are scientifically proven to improve your health and help take care of your body, you are an ideal candidate for a NAD drip.

Have you ever been intrigued by the stories of people getting IV drips before a big event, after a major sickness, or maybe even while they are hungover? Look no further, as a NAD treatment is an exciting development in IV therapy. A NAD drip has the potential to increase the quality of your mind and body’s health.

Curious to learn more? Let’s figure out what exactly a NAD Drip is and why you will want to integrate treatments into your life.

What Is NAD?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. A coenzyme found in all living helps boost metabolic processes and multiple systems. It also plays a part in digestion, cognition, mental clarity, aging, and overall energy levels. It has even been described as an anti-aging molecule because of its importance in prolonging lifespan.

Physicians and scientists have been increasingly interested in the different ways it can be used to maintain healthy organs and neurological systems because of its role in the many biological processes in your body.

What Is a NAD Drip?

A NAD drip is a form of an IV drip. IV therapy and nutrition are ways for the body to receive infusions of different vitamins and supplements through an IV. There are many different reasons to get an IV drip, but they all strive to improve your health and overall feeling of wellness.

NAD IV treatments supplement and restore the levels of NAD in your body. A specialized saline solution containing a concentrated dose of NAD is delivered directly into the bloodstream, making it available to your cells for immediate use.

The process of receiving a NAD drip is simple and painless: a medical professional gently inserts a needle into your arm and then connects it to the tubing that leads to the drip bag. You can sit comfortably during the treatment and listen to music, read a book, or watch a video on your personal device.

Infusing your body with NAD+ through drip is the only way for your body to absorb 100% of the bioavailability from the NAD molecule. NAD drips are a much more efficient way of supplementing this coenzyme because oral supplements have to pass through the digestive system first before activating.

How a NAD Drip Can Benefit You

At The I.V. Doc, we have 50,000+ satisfied customers who have received a NAD drip and have shown promising results. The best part of the drip is the multiple ways it can support your health. Here are the top 8 ways a NAD drip may improve your life.

Addiction Recovery

A NAD drip is not a cure for addiction; it can be a powerful tool in addiction recovery. People recovering from substance abuse have to suffer through awful side effects of their medication and withdrawal.

Studies show that raising your NAD levels could help addictive behavior and reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms due to food addiction and substance abuse. NAD can even help repair nerves and other cells damaged by addiction.

The recovery process can be challenging, so utilizing this safe treatment in conjunction with counseling might be beneficial.

Improve Cognitive Function

NAD also exists in our brain and could potentially function as a neurotransmitter. This means NAD may be more directly involved in brain cell-to-cell communication.

This means that with a NAD drip, you could see a decrease in brain fog, better decision-making skills, and faster mental reflexes- and the benefits don’t even stop there! Providing your body with the NAD coenzyme can help:

  • Improve mental clarity
  • Boost memory
  • Improve mood
  • Facilitate brain regeneration
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase one’s ability to focus
  • Boost neurological function

Provide Anti-Aging Benefits

There are many changes your body goes through as you get older, including a change in your NAD levels. As the body ages, NAD levels fall, resulting in signs of aging.

You could see an increase in your energy levels and a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is also thought that NAD can boost cellular health, which will slow the signs of aging. NAD may even be able to play a role in alleviating age-related issues such as dementia.

Improve Mental Health

Another common side effect of undergoing NAD IV therapy is an elevation in your mood.

NAD has the ability to boost your levels of serotonin, often called the “happy molecule,” in your brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for mood stability and happy feelings. So an increase in NAD could mean an increase in serotonin.

Improve Metabolic Function

In addition to improvements happening inside your brain, you will also see improvements in your body as well. Metabolism refers to the amount of energy that is expended to maintain the body. Another side effect of aging is that your metabolism will slow down, leading to weight gain and lower energy levels.

NAD plays an essential part in the body’s oxidation-reduction reactions, which are a part of the metabolic system because they help convert food into energy usable by the cells. So, with an increase in NAD, your body’s metabolic process will operate more efficiently, leading to weight loss and an increase in energy levels.

Boost Athletic Performance

Because we have already discussed the ways NAD will improve cognitive function and energy levels, it can be easily understood that a NAD drip will improve your athletic performance as well. After all, having more energy and thinking clearly is sure to improve reaction times and overall performance during training and competitions.

Additionally, studies have shown that NAD plays a vital role in muscle development and regeneration. This means that a NAD drip could help maintain muscle health by supplying your body with fuel to build more muscle mass and take care of pre-existing muscles after a workout.

People Who Might Benefit Most From NAD

NAD supplementation clearly provides a wide variety of benefits. You don’t need to be experiencing any sort of medical condition to benefit from a NAD drip, as it promotes the overall well-being of any user.

However, some examples of people who might benefit the most from this treatment include:

  • People recovering from addiction and substance abuse
  • People recovering from alcoholism
  • Those interested in extending their lifespan
  • Those seeking to reverse signs of aging
  • People who are experiencing cognitive decline
  • Athletes who want to restore muscle strength and function
  • People looking to boost their weight-loss regimen
  • Those in search of ways to reduce fatigue
  • People who want to improve their body’s overall health

How To Schedule An Appointment

Now that you see all of the wonderful benefits that come from using a NAD drip, it’s time to schedule your first appointment! At the I.V. Doctor, which has services to 25 regions in the U.S. and Belize, we make it easy and streamlined to schedule a NAD drip.

Also, we are on top of COVID precautions to keep you and our team safe. Before your appointment, there will be proper COVID testing and consultation so you feel safe and comfortable.


Just because your body has a natural decline of NAD as you get older, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for low energy levels or cognitive decline. A NAD drip is the perfect way to provide your body with the nutrients that help your cells operate efficiently.

This supplementation will cause you to notice changes in your mental health and physical well-being. Your whole body will thank you for a NAD drip.

Our team is made up of professional physicians who strive to help you on your wellness journey. It is also important to us that you are comfortable throughout the entire process, which is why The I.V. Doc comes to you.

Whether in the relaxing surroundings of your home, hotel accommodations, or private office, you get to decide where is best for you. This also provides a level of discretion that is preferred by celebrities and other high-profile individuals.


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