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The Ultimate Guide to IV Hydration

May 12, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to IV Hydration


How many times have you gotten to the end of the day and realized you haven’t had the proper amount of water for the day? Well, we are here to tell you: you are not alone.

It can be hard to try and manage your busy schedule while also making conscious eating decisions and drinking eight glasses of water. And if you are sick, overworked, or exercising more than usual, you are going to need to drink even more water than you are used to.

Rather than trying to remember to lug around a heavy water bottle all day or chug enough water to make you feel sick at the end of the day, there might be a better solution that is quick, easy, and will leave you more hydrated than you have ever been.

IV therapy is a new, exciting treatment that provides vitamins, nutrients, and/or hydration to people easily and efficiently. Lucky for you, you can also rely on IV therapy for hydration as well.

Ready to dive in and find out how and why IV hydration will change your life? Let’s unpack it here.

What Is IV therapy?

IV therapy stands for intravenous treatment. Based on the nature of the name, IV therapy delivers various nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins to your body through an IV in your arm or hand, administered through the vein.

When you use an IV treatment to administer vitamins and nutrients to your body, they go straight to your bloodstream, and you will be able to see the effects almost immediately.

It is a quick and easy process that can take place from the comfort of your own home!

Should You Stay Hydrated?

A Legitimate Detox

Are you tired of feeling pressured to start a juice cleanse after a weekend full of rich, tasty food? The good news for you is that our bodies already have a system to get rid of anything harmful.

Our kidneys and livers are there to remove toxins from our bodies, but they cannot function without water. So, the more hydrated your body is, the better your body will be able to flush out anything it doesn’t need.

Helps Keep Your Brain Sharp

If you have ever felt like your train of thought is running slower than usual, you may be dehydrated. If your body isn’t properly hydrated, you can suffer from poorer concentration, short-term memory issues, or negative mood changes.

So if you are trying to ace a test or impress your boss at work, it may be time to deliver hydration to your body in the quickest way possible.

Helps Flexibility

Cartilage, which is made up of 80% water, helps keep our joints flexible and functional! Over time, the cartilage in our body weakens, leading to pain or lack of mobility. However, hydrating your body will support your cartilage and keep you limber and moving throughout your life.

Boosts More Energy

We have all struggled with mornings when we wake up tired or can hardly keep our eyes open during the 3 PM midday slump. Rather than chugging another cup of coffee, an increase in hydration may be the best way to fight lethargy. Dehydration causes your heart to work harder to pump oxygen throughout your body, making you feel tired and less focused.

Is IV Hydration Therapy Better Than Drinking Water?

IV therapy has some advantages over drinking water when hydrating your body.

Suppose your stomach and digestive lining are irritated and inflamed for any reason. In that case, it may be difficult to absorb the water and electrolytes that you need to rehydrate your body completely.

Even the excessive mucus caused by colds and the flu can lead to dehydration. The water in the body is recruited to create mucus when you have a respiratory infection, leaving the rest of your body without the proper amount of water.

However, rehydrating with IV therapy allows you to replace fluids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system entirely. This will forgo the risk of additional irritation of the digestive lining while drinking by mouth, and it also allows the benefits of hydration to begin immediately.

Different Kinds of IV Hydration Therapy

Now that you understand all of the benefits of just staying hydrated, you might be ready to sign up for your next IV hydration therapy treatment. However, there are many different options, each catering to the specific results you want.


If you are looking for a quick fix to your dehydration or can’t seem to get back on track no matter how much water you are trying to drink, your body might need a Cleanse IV Therapy Treatment.

This treatment will rebalance your body with fluid and electrolytes and is the most basic, streamlined treatment that aims to rehydrate your body. After your Cleanse IV, your body will be replenished with essential minerals and electrolytes, and there will be an improvement in your blood supply to your vital organs.

This is a great choice if you are looking for an overall improvement to your body’s health, boost hydration, and a general feeling of hydration.


As we have already discovered, hydrating your body efficiently is a great way to support your body’s natural detoxification system. An IV vitamin therapy treatment might be the best way to get your body back to feeling comfortable and not so heavy.

With a combination of electrolytes, hydration, and vitamins, our IV vitamin treatment will have you feeling healthy and clean again in no time. This selection of vitamins and electrolytes will also provide your body with a natural source of energy, which can help you fight off the lethargy that comes after too much food or alcohol.

You can select your Detox IV therapy treatment with us today!


It is extremely difficult to get through the day if you are experiencing brain fog or a lack of motivation, and a lot of this can be caused by dehydration. It is so easy for us to run ourselves down with work, social plans, and family obligations, and this leaves our body lacking and performing sub-optimally.

With a Refresh IV therapy treatment, we will supply your body with the proper hydration and vitamins necessary to regain mental clarity and physical ability.


It is the worst feeling to wake up after a night of fun and be forced to sit with your head in the toilet. After a night of drinking, your body is extremely dehydrated, and drinking a few glasses of water will usually not cut it.

In fact, nothing will cure your hangover like a Rescue IV therapy treatment. This treatment will properly hydrate your body and provide sufficient electrolytes. This will reduce any nausea you have and leave you feeling re-energized.

What Does An Appointment At The IV Doc Look Like?

Now that you understand the many benefits of IV hydration therapy, you might be wondering what an appointment will look like. Lucky for you, they are easy, fast, and designed around your own comfort.

When you schedule an IV therapy treatment with The IV Doc, a medical professional will come to your house, hotel, apartment, etc., and administer your IV treatment. While receiving the treatment, you can sit comfortably and listen to music, read a book, or watch a video on your personal device.

The entire process should take less than an hour, and you will start seeing the benefits of your body being hydrated almost immediately.


IV hydration therapy is a great option to consider if you want to boost your overall well-being. Providing the proper amount of hydration to your body can give you more energy, help your body detox, and clear any mental fog you might be experiencing.

Additionally, you will see the effects of hydrating your body much more quickly if you receive an IV Hydration Treatment rather than drinking water throughout the day.

It can be challenging to remember to drink enough water during the day, especially if you are busy, so do your body a favor and schedule a treatment with The IV Doc today!


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