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What Is a Banana Bag?

July 19, 2022

What Is a Banana Bag?


Also known as a rally pack, the banana bag is an intravenous fluid pack delivered to people who are experiencing significant electrolyte or vitamin deficiencies. 

Used with patients in need of hydration due to various issues, the banana bag is an effective and immediate way to get vital nutrients and vitamins to the body. 

Delivered intravenously and packed with thiamine in addition to multivitamins, the banana bag is no longer relegated to those in need of hydration in hospital settings. 

This treatment is available to support people experiencing jet lag, fatigue, and hangovers through The I.V. Doc, discretely delivering intravenous infusions to clients across the globe. 

Keep reading to learn more about what the banana bag is, when to use one, and how it can help you stay hydrated and healthy. 

What Goes in a Banana Bag?

A banana bag, also known as a rally pack, is an intravenous solution that contains a number of vitamins and nutrients that can assist in hydration and electrolyte replenishment. 

The I.V. Doc, is a luxury intravenous therapy service that uses a specially crafted “banana bag,” using multivitamins and INFUVITE, which contains vitamins and minerals that may have you feeling revived from a hangover, healing from jet lag, and replenished and rehydrated. 


Known as Vitamin B1, Thiamine plays a critical role in how cells grow and function. Thiamine naturally occurs in some meats like pork and fish and fortified cereals, green peas, and lentils. Because Vitamin B1 plays such a critical role in cell production, it's often offered as a supplement. 

Our banana bag, containing INFUVITE, has Thiamine (Vitamin B1) as one of the central vitamins included in it. Folic acid, another B vitamin that helps with cell production, is also included in the INFUVITE vitamin supplement.

Ascorbic Acid

Ditch the OJ and embrace ascorbic acid as an intravenous form of Vitamin C. One of the highlights of The I.V. Doc’s Antioxidant Therapy, Flu, and after a discussion with out medical team it may be added to any Hangover relief therapies, Vitamin C shines as a nutrient that helps your body heal and supports a number of critical processes.

Because your body doesn’t produce Vitamin C, you must find it in foods and supplements. If you aren’t getting enough Vitamin C in your diet, your body can have serious reactions, such as vitamin C deficiency.

Including Ascorbic Acid in the banana bag offers additional support for your body as it heals from fatigue, jet lag, and dehydration. This vitamin also supports your cell functioning and the regular functions of your system.

Who Can Benefit From The Banana Bag? 

Banana Bags are used by a number of people, particularly those who experience vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies. While vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes are beneficial for most people, a Banana Bag is particularly helpful for people who might be experiencing discomfort due to dehydration or a vitamin deficiency.

For People Experiencing a Hangover 

If you experience the symptoms of a hangover – headache, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness – then a banana bag, packed with electrolytes and vitamins, is a go-to for rehydration and healing.

Banana Bags are often used in hospitals for people experiencing alcohol-use disorder (AUD), as intravenous administration of hydration and nutrients is one of the most effective ways to support a patient experiencing severe hangover symptoms.

Feeling Jet Lag? A Banana Bag Can Help

Another situation in which an intravenous infusion with the multivitamin banana bag may be used is if you are experiencing jet lag. When you experience jet lag disorder, it is likely that you have just traveled across time zones. Your body, having previously adjusted to one time zone, is thrown off as you enter a new time zone with shifted sleeping and eating routines.

Your body’s circadian rhythm – the internal clock – is generally thrown off during travel, particularly if you are traveling across the globe. Symptoms of jet lag disorder can include fatigue, constipation, mental confusion, and dehydration.

A banana bag, filled with vitamins and nutrients, may help replenish your body as it works hard to adjust to a new time zone.

If you are looking for relief from your jet lag, this Jet Lag Relief Treatment from The I.V. Doc is a perfectly crafted saline solution to get you back on your feet. This anti-inflammatory drip treatment contains Vitamin B12 and multivitamins to help your body adjust to home after a long trip. 

The Banana Bag Can Help You Thrive

This specially-crafted cocktail of vitamins isn’t solely relegated to assist you when you’re down. The Banana Bag – included in a number of The I.V. Doc’s intravenous treatments can be embraced for a myriad of other uses, including beautification, antioxidant support, and flu relief. 

Look and Feel Your Best

The Beautify treatment from The I.V. Doc is a celebrity favorite– and for a good reason. Filled with Vitamin B1, B6, and B12, in addition to the INFUVITE vitamin cocktail and other critical vitamins, this intravenous treatment may have your skin and hair glowing before any event. 

Supporting your body with a number of critical vitamins and nutrients isn’t just for situations where your system is depleted; you can always take care of your body and give it a deserving boost, especially if it may benefit your overall wellness. You may be replenished and restored after this treatment, ready to take on any event that comes your way. 

Why Not Just Take Multivitamins? 

Intravenous delivery of vitamins and minerals may really make a difference when it comes to re-hydrating your body. Why? Because when you take a multivitamin, or other supplements, the vitamins are absorbed through your digestive system, which takes a while.

Delivered intravenously, you receive vitamins and nutrients directly through your bloodstream. Bypassing your digestive system can be particularly useful, especially if you feel nauseous or have difficulty holding down food due to illness or a hangover. 

It makes a difference; when you are jet-lagged, hungover, tired, and dehydrated, all you want is immediate relief from the discomfort you are experiencing. Instead of waiting for relief, intravenous delivery of nutrients rapidly which may provide you quicker relief.

The next time you book tickets to travel or know that you’ll be spending a long evening out with friends, book an IV fluid treatment with The I.V. Doc

The Bottom Line

Whether you had too much fun with friends last night, need a hydrating boost, or are experiencing jet lag, this selection of hydrating intravenous therapies from The IV Doc is a perfectly crafted blend of vitamins and minerals to get you back on track. 

Sometimes, drinking water and rest just doesn't cut it – or you’re in need of more immediate relief. Intravenous fluid therapy is perfect for immediate, discrete recovery delivered in the comfort of your home or office. Administered by a team of medical professionals, The IV Doc will have you on a path toward healing. 

At The I.V. Doc, our medical team is made up of professional physicians who strive to help you on your wellness journey. It is also important to us that you are comfortable throughout the entire process, which is why we come to you!! 




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