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Weed Hangover: What Is It & How To Potentially Avoid One

August 31, 2022

Weed Hangover: What Is It & How To Potentially Avoid One

Believe it or not, you might be able to get a hangover from weed. If you thought that foggy morning was relegated to drinking, think again. Though there isn’t a significant amount of research on weed hangovers, there is mounting evidence that there are after-effects of smoking weed. 

Below, we break down what, exactly, a weed hangover is and how to potentially avoid one. If you couldn’t avoid one, we’ve also included some helpful suggestions for taking care of your mind and body as you restore your body to health.

What Is a Weed Hangover?

While weed hangovers aren’t necessarily as severe as those caused by alcohol, they are a real phenomenon that can be experienced the day after ingesting marijuana. Again, while the effects of a weed hangover are different than one caused by alcohol consumption, the general idea is the same.

When your body consumes a substance, it can go through a period of withdrawal afterward. In the case of alcohol (as we’ll touch on later), withdrawals can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

While weed doesn’t incur the same level of a hangover as alcohol does, the after-effects can range from annoying to challenging. Fogginess, grogginess, and headaches are some of the main symptoms of a weed hangover. Mild nausea, lethargy, and dry eyes and mouth are other symptoms of a weed hangover that can be irritating.

How Much Weed Do I Have To Smoke To Get a Hangover?

While there is no conclusive research on how much, exactly, one must consume to incur a hangover, it is more likely that you’ll experience a hangover if you consume weed regularly and in larger quantities. It’s not necessarily a matter of how much, though, if you aren’t someone who regularly consumes CBD.

How Is a Weed Hangover Different From an Alcohol-Related Hangover?

As we’ve already mentioned, a hangover from weed differs from a hangover from alcohol. Hangovers caused by alcohol are primarily caused by your body experiencing dehydration and alcohol leaving your system. 

Alcohol-induced hangovers can be much more painful (think headache, nausea, vomiting) and dangerous; if you have consumed a significant amount of alcohol, your body can withdraw from it, experiencing the shakes, fatigue, and diarrhea.

A weed hangover is different in that it is much milder; a headache, mental fog, and grogginess are the most commonly reported symptoms. While fatigue, lethargy, head and neck tension, mild nausea, and grogginess are shared between both hangover types, a hangover incurred by weed is much milder than that induced by alcohol.

  • If you’re unsure of what caused your hangover or are feeling weirdly off after using weed, it may be because your hangover is caused by something other than weed.
  • If you mix drinking alcohol with consuming weed, your hangover symptoms may be combined. 
  • If you consume a significant amount of weed regularly, then those uncomfortable morning-after feelings might also be withdrawal.
  • If your symptoms also include significant mood swings, inability to fall and stay asleep, and a difficult time focusing, then you might be experiencing withdrawal rather than a weed hangover. 

How Can You Prevent a Weed Hangover?

There are several ways to be proactive about preventing a weed hangover. If you are looking to continue regular marijuana use but want to address the potential impact of your weed use, here are some helpful suggestions for managing and preventing a weed hangover. 

Be Mindful of How Much You Smoke the Night Before

Just as you might treat alcohol, one of the easiest ways to prevent any hangover is to limit the number of substances you consume. Too much alcohol yields a hangover, and consuming too much marijuana will likely result in a weed hangover. 

Though it may seem obvious, be mindful about how much weed you consume, and pay attention to your consumption levels if you are experiencing hangover symptoms the morning after. 

Prioritize Hydration

The importance of hydration cannot be understated when preventing hangovers of all kinds. One of the many reasons for hangover symptoms – headache, fatigue, grogginess, and dry mouth – is a lack of hydration. If you didn’t hydrate in time and are already experiencing the after-effects of weed, consider a more tactical approach to hydrating. 

Our hangover treatments are a collection of in-home wellness treatments that can help revive you from hangovers ranging from mild to severe. The Rescue IV Hydration Therapy is packed with three medications: anti-nausea, anti-heartburn, and anti-inflammatory relief. This is the ultimate treatment for hydration and relief from uncomfortable symptoms, created for hangovers, food poisoning, and flu relief. 

Avoid Mixing Weed and Other Substances

One of the most common mistakes that one can make is mixing substances without considering the impact of their dual (or multiple) uses. If you are consuming weed with other substances, such as alcohol, their effects may compound– as will their potential hangover effects. Try not to mix substances, especially if you have important commitments or a particularly sensitive microbiome the following day.

Additionally, if you have prescribed medication, you’ll want to ensure that there are no drug interactions. Be sure to consult with your team of medical professionals if you are experiencing unwanted after-effects or uncomfortable symptoms from consuming weed.

Try Consuming Weed in Different Forms 

Everyone has different sensitivities, some of which are exacerbated by the different ways that people can consume weed. There are a number of ways in which to consume weed – especially these days when weed is legal in a significant number of states and available in a variety of consumption methods. 

If you find that your hangover symptoms are more significant when consuming weed in one form, try consuming it in another. For example, if you regularly smoke weed, consider consuming a similar amount but in edible or a beverage form. Pro tip: be careful of how much you consume when you switch the form in which you consume weed. Always stay within your comfort zone and be sure to read how many milligrams are in a product before consuming it. 

Finding Relief for a Weed Hangover

If you are already experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover, then you’re at the point of needing to address and manage (not prevent) the hangover. If you are experiencing hangover symptoms, prioritize hydration first and foremost. 

Additionally, eat nourishing and balanced meals, catch up on some much-needed sleep, and get some light exercise to boost your circulation. Be mindful of your caffeine intake, hydration levels, and sleep. 

The Bottom Line

It might be a weed hangover if you’re feeling uncomfortable the day after consuming weed. Fogginess and nausea are just two uncomfortable symptoms that might result from consuming too much weed, not hydrating enough, or mixing substances. A hangover is never fun, so next time, keep your hydration levels and substance consumption in mind!


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