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Is Dizziness a Symptom of Omicron?

October 25, 2022

Is Dizziness a Symptom of Omicron?

In late 2019, the virus SARS-CoV-2 (known as COVID-19) pandemic changed how much of the world functioned. Since the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 infection, there has been a prevalence of virus variants that continue to infect people across the globe.

With COVID-19 having such a broad array of symptoms and relatively high levels of contagiousness, it’s important to remain alert to changes in your health to prevent the virus's spread.

There are a variety of symptoms linked to the coronavirus, several of which are also present in the omicron and delta sub-variants. This article offers an overview of the omicron variant of coronavirus, how to spot the symptoms of COVID-19 and care for yourself if you become sick.

Pay Attention to COVID-19, Delta, and Omicron Symptoms 

It’s important to recognize how contagious coronavirus and its sub-variants are. Suppose you exhibit side effects like cough, fever, fatigue, or other flu-like symptoms. In that case, you must prioritize getting a test and not expose yourself to other people.

The I.V. Doc offers a broad range of coronavirus support services, including PCR and rapid tests, travel test kits, and intravenous wellness treatments that can help replenish your body from lost nutrients due to dehydration.

Is Stealth Omicron The Same as COVID-19?

Omicron, or stealth omicron, is a sub-variant of the original coronavirus. This means that the virus evolved to produce a different strain, one of which is omicron, and another known as the delta variant.

There are currently three known varieties of omicron: variant BA.1, B.A. 1.1, BA.2 (or Omicron sub-variant “Stealth”), or BA 5. While BA.1, BA.2, and even BA 5 symptoms are relatively similar, the concern is primarily around vaccinated and unvaccinated people's infectiousness and transmission rate.

Omicron appears to spread more quickly than the original coronavirus and the delta variant. 

What Are Symptoms of Omicron?

Omicron BA.5 is currently the dominant coronavirus variant, yielding a relatively high transmission rate and similar symptoms to the original COVID-19 viral strain. Omicron has exhibited signs of fatigue, cough, sore throat, fever, and potential loss of taste or smell. However, some symptoms were less associated with Omicron than other mutations. 

Omicron cases typically present symptoms, including headaches, runny nose, and sneezing.

More serious symptoms, such as shortness of breath, appear in people who are immunocompromised, unvaccinated, or have weakened immune systems.

What if I Don’t Experience Symptoms?

Many people are asymptomatic or do not exhibit any symptoms. If you are asymptomatic, it’s hard to tell whether you are infected, so it’s best to get tested based on whether or not you have been exposed to the virus.

Because the omicron variants can spread faster than the original coronavirus and delta variant, symptoms don’t always show up immediately. If you aren’t exhibiting symptoms but suspect that you may have been exposed, book a test right 

With 15-minute rapid and same-day PCR tests in some states, The I.V. Doc offers you peace of mind if you suspect you may have been exposed to the omicron variant. You can get tested and await your results from the comfort of your own home—no more lengthy clinic lines with potential exposure to other patients.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, that can make the journey to the clinic to get tested even harder. If you’re dizzy, feverish, or tired, simply book a test online, and one of our registered nurses will be at your home or office the same day to administer a test.

The I.V. Doc is redefining how healthcare can look, most notably with our intravenous therapies and COVID-19 services.

Vertigo, Dizziness, Lightheadedness: Which One is it?

One symptom that can be most difficult to deal with is dizziness, which can cause the room to feel like it’s spinning, making it difficult to focus, complete tasks, or continue daily.

Vertigo is a type of dizziness that makes you feel like you are spinning or feels like an altered sense of motion and is a common after-effect of viral infections. According to case reports, long-term covid symptoms, which remain after the infection has passed, have included vertigo.

Lightheadedness, or the feeling that one is going to faint, is a common symptom of the coronavirus. This is partly due to a weakened immune state and a potentially reduced appetite and fluid intake while sick.

Dizziness, vertigo, and lightheadedness have been reported as symptoms of coronavirus, stealth omicron, and the delta variant in the acute phase of the virus and after the viral infection has left the body.

Is Dizziness Enough To Diagnose Omicron?

Dizziness may be a sympton of dehydration, which can be a direct symptom of omicron or other viral illness. These types of viral infections can commonly cause inflammation, which is known to dilate blood vessels. This dilation can then send signals to your brain that you're thirsty or dehydrated; however, solely experiencing dizziness might not be enough to determine whether you are sick.

Because of the rapidly-growing nature of the coronavirus, you may not even show symptoms. This is called being asymptomatic.

If you’ve been experiencing dizziness for a few days, evaluate your overall environment, lifestyle, and daily factors. Because dizziness can be caused by so many different issues in the body, it can be tricky to pinpoint whether dizziness is a symptom of omicron.

Suppose you are experiencing other omicron symptoms, like fatigue, a fever, or a cough, alongside dizziness. In that case, take a test and contact your team of medical professionals.

Benefits of Taking an At-Home Test

Aside from the convenience and comfort of not having to leave your home, there are several benefits to taking an at-home test for the coronavirus. If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, dizziness, cough, and fatigue, getting yourself dressed, out the door, and to the clinic can be difficult. 

An at-home test provided by The I.V. Doc offers you the time and space to remain at home comfortably, with the assurance that a team of medical professionals will come to you to administer the test. 

All you have to do is book an appointment online, and we take care of the rest. Another reason taking an at-home test is much more beneficial than heading to the clinic for testing is that it potentially lowers the transmission rate. 

If you’re at home, getting tested, you aren’t as likely to come into contact with someone and infect them. You can get tested and receive your results all within a shorter period than if you had to wait in line and wait longer for results.

The Bottom Line

The I.V. Doc’s at-home testing services can help you stay alert and informed about your health while providing a discrete, high-quality service.

The coronavirus is one of the most notable infectious diseases affecting public health. If you are experiencing any symptoms, or notice that you are more tired, have body aches or brain fog, or are dizzy, contact your health team.



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