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How To Affiliate


  1. Certification
    Provide your certification and your location of your affiliate.
  2. Application.
    Complete the general information section and write a short essay.
  3. Supervising Physician.
    Submit supervising physician documentation. Or request an IV DOC affiliated physician for coverage (note coverage will have additional fees).
  4. Insurance. 
    Submit proof of insurance, if a U.S. applicant (or request THE I.V. DOC Inc. coverage – which will have additional fees).
  5. Payment.
    Submit payment for your first year as an I.V. Doc affiliate.

  6. License Agreement.
    E-sign the annual license agreement.
  7. Completed.
    Congratulations! You are an official affiliate.

After obtaining your certification the  first step in the affiliation process is to fill out an application and write an essay. The essay should contain information about your background, what an I.V. Doc affiliation means to you, why you want it, and what you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be long or formal, but it should be from the heart.


I.V. DOC Training Certificate
We require an applicant to be an I.V. Doc Certificate holder before applying for affiliation.  We offer  I.V. DOC Certificate Courses throughout the year ONLINE.

Proof of Insurance (U.S. affiliates)
U.S. affiliates will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies. THE I.V DOC Inc does offer insurance for THE I.V. DOC affiliates. You can read more about the THE I.V. DOC insurance here.

As of Jun 1, 2020, affiliation costs US $24,000 annually. Affiliates in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many European countries will pay in their local currency plus applicable taxes. See the Affiliation Requirements page for a complete price table.

Once you are affiliated, you will be required to list your services on, your primary vehicles for promoting you. Please do not register a domain with the THEIVDOC or IVDOC name in it until after your affiliate application has been approved; THE I.V. DOC is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal. Please see the Website section of Affiliation Requirements for more detailed information.

What You Get

Affiliation allows you to legally use the THE I.V. DOC trademark, and offer THE I.V. DOC services at one physical location or your county.

As an affiliate owner, you also get priority access to THE I.V. DOC PR and Marketing and prioritized support from our Technical Team.  

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate?

Read the Requirements section on our How to Affiliate page.


What is included in being an IV DOC Affiliate?

  • Legal use of the THE IV DOC  name, logo, and promotional materials
  • Promotion from
  • Support from THE I.V. DOC, Inc. on specific and general issues. THE I.V. DOC vigorously protects its brand and those licensed to use the THE I.V. DOC name.

Is THE I.V. DOC a franchising organization and are THE I.V. DOC affiliates franchisees?

No. Our affiliates are a confederation of medical practitioners pooling reliable resources.


What is the cost of affiliation?

As of Jun. 1, 2020, affiliation costs US$24,000 annually

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