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Antioxidant Post Surgical

A custom blend of powerful anti-oxidizing agents to aid in recovery from Surgery

Improve how you feel with IV hydration in the comfort and privacy of your home, hotel, or office.

Antioxidant | I.V. Vitamin Hydration Therapy

Boost your immune system and recovery with a custom blend of powerful anti-oxidizing agents to aid in neutralizing harmful free radicals, plus fluids ,electrolytes and medications to combat postoperative nausea.

Antioxidant IV Vitamin Therapy for Post Surgical Patients:

  • Provider Consultation and Infusion Specialist Registered Nurse
  • 1000mL Lactated Ringers or Normal Saline Solution
  • Boost dose of Vitamin C
  • Boost dose of Glutathione
  • Multi-Vitamin Cocktail ("Banana Bag")
  • Post operative medications to decrease nausea (if needed as discussed with provider)

Treatment Time: ~45 minutes


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