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Kim Kardashian Gets Her Glow With An IV

By Megan, Hollywood Life October 16, 2016

Kim Kardashian Gets Her Glow With An IV

In order to get that “robot glam” skin Kim Kardashian, 35, was sporting at the 2016 Met Gala in NYC, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star relied on a bizarre treatment fitting the gala’s Manus x Machina theme and all of the futuristic gowns it brought with it. Page Six reported that ahead of fashion’s biggest event, Kim gave her skin a boost with an IV treatment that’s definitely not for those of us who are squeamish.

According to Page Six, Kim brought in the I.V. Doc, one of several beauty IV companies that bring the trending treatment right to your door. Said to help speed up the recovery process of everything from a hangover, flu, jet lag, food poisoning and general exhaustion, the IV bags contain vitamin solutions that are injected directly into your veins for faster absorption.

Administered by a health professional, each treatment takes 30 minutes but can be made up of different vitamin solutions. Kim reportedly received the Beautify treatment, which costs $399 and contains electrolytes, six types of vitamin B, anti-inflammatory medication and a multi-vitamin cocktail said to improve the health of your hair and skin for a more radiant appearance.

While the vitamin IV is certainly a newer treatment, Kim isn’t the only celebrity who’s tried it out.

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