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Urgent Care Treatments and at home IV relief therapy

Dehydration Relief

Is a lack of hydration making you feel fatigued and lightheaded? Our Dehydration Relief IV therapy will rehydrate and rejuvenate you with fluid and electrolytes to quickly improve how you feel.


Stomach Bug Relief

Stomach Bug Relief therapy is the ultimate IV drip treatment for combating symptoms of the Stomach Bug or Winter Vomiting Bug. With specialized medication to treat nausea, an anti-inflammatory, and a pro-motility agent to aid in fast recovery.


Allergy Relief

Are allergies taking over your life? The IV Doc's Allergy Relief IV drip, with immune-boosting Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin C, and a choice of anti-histamine or anti-inflammatory medication, may provide rapid relief from bothersome symptoms.


Cold & Flu Relief

Our Cold & Flu Relief IV therapy is a specially tailored IV drip of medications, vitamins, and electrolytes meant to treat the symptoms of Cold & Flu and aid in fast recovery! It includes Vitamin C, a multi-vitamin, anti-nausea & anti-inflammatory meds.


Food Poisoning Relief

Get rapid food poisoning relief in the comfort and privacy of your home or hotel room. Our Food Poisoning IV therapy is a specially designed IV drip of medications to treat the symptoms of food poisoning, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.


Migraine Relief

Tired of debilitating migraines disrupting your life? Our Migraine Relief IV therapy is a specially designed IV drip meant to provide fast migraine relief with a custom infusion of IV fluids, electrolytes, and medications.


Stress Relief

Got a lot on your mind? Our Stress Relief IV therapy may help to quickly calm your nerves and de-stress with a potent blend of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients, including Magnesium, Taurine, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B Complex.


Jet Lag Relief

If you travel long distances for business or pleasure and your body is not feeling right, our Jet Lag Relief IV therapy includes medication and vitamins that will help put you back on track feeling re-energized, including Vitamin B12 and a multi-vitamin.


Monthly Cycle Relief

Suffering from the pain of cramps, headache, and other discomforting symptoms of your monthly cycle? Our Monthly Cycle Relief IV therapy is packed with Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, and an anti-inflammatory medication to help make you feel better fast.


Morning Sickness Relief

Are you tired of feeling nauseous and exhausted due to morning sickness? With a combination of vitamins and an anti-nausea medication, our Morning Sickness Relief IV can alleviate your symptoms and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.


COVID-19 Virus PCR Testing (same day results)

COVID19 Active Virus (PCR molecular swab) testing and Consult available where you are, without the hassle or potential risk of the waiting room.


What Our Customers Say

“Helped me out tremendously... Saved my visit!””

- Samantha, San Francisco

“The Flu Relief was literally life saving! Thanks IV DOC”

Heather, New York

“For those asking if The I.V. Docs services are worth it, the answer is a big fat YES! Thanks for bringing me back to life!”

- Kristina, PA

“B12!! Weight loss, energy, focus! See you next week.”

- Rachel, NYC

“Recovery is just as important as training, The I.V. Doctor cut my recovery time in half.”

- Mike, Los Angeles

“At my office at 9, trading by 9:30…Saviors!”

- John, Brooklyn

“The best thing to happen to Chicago! (Go Cubs)”

- David, Chicago

“I feel like a new man Thank you I.V. Doc”

J.S. - Manhattan

“Got revived… and now I feel like I could run a marathon”

- Wes, Manhattan

“You can’t afford to be sick in NYC… Thank you!!!”

- George, Dallas

“You saved my Vegas trip! When in Vegas always plan for The I.V. Doc!”

Sam, Las Vegas

“THANK YOU!!!!! I was able to go home for Father's Day without feeling ill AND I was able to stuff my face with filet mignon which would not have been possible without you guys!! Thanks again!”

- Kat, NYC

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