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Your kind of town, Chicago is? Then enjoy this mini-guide to the best it has to offer! Chicago is second city to none when it comes to exciting things to see, do, savor, buy, and delight in. And keep in mind: The I.V. Doc is right here if you need us—for jet lag, hangover, illness, exhaustion, or a healthy vitamin boost.








The Loop

Stroll amid the soaring architecture, iconic buildings and bustling State Street ("that great street") that comprise Chicago's official downtown district. Here you'll discover the National Landmark Chicago Board of Trade, Tony Award-winning shows in the Theater District, museums, river cruises, parks, and more in this central hub of city happenings.

Lincoln Park

At 1200 acres (larger than NY's Central Park), Lincoln Park has it all: beautiful lakes and landscapes; the lush Lincoln Park Conservatory; world-class zoo; seven-mile sandy beach shoreline; bird refuges; public art exhibits; outdoor theater performances; virtually every recreational facility imaginable. And now, you! Don't miss it.  




Perhaps there's no better way to view the majestic city skyline while stretching your legs than this 1.25 mile pedestrian promenade along the south bank of the Chicago River. It's replete with public gardens, art displays, Chicago River Museum, outdoor eateries, and plenty of places to grab takeout and pick a pleasant spot to enjoy it.



Bars, Bites & Buys


The Magnificent Mile

So named for its 460+ stores, including three indoor malls, renowned department stores and designer emporiums, the 13-block Mag Mile on Michigan Avenue will quench your every shopping urge. As will its 275 eateries satisfy the appetite you'll work up doing it!


Restaurant Row

Foodies rejoice! Just west of the Loop, the former meat-packing district has been transformed into a mecca of trend-setting restaurants, created by some of the hottest chefs in the country. Diners, get out your Yelp! and prepare yourself for culinary nirvana.


Arts & Culture

      Art Institute of Chicago


Head downtown to one of the world's greatest art museums, housing a permanent collection of 300,000 works spanning centuries, including Impressionists, American Art, European Paintings & Sculpture, African & Asian Art, the new Modern Wing, and more.

     Millennium Park


The #1 tourist attraction in the Midwest, this beautifully landscaped 24.5 acre expanse in Chicago's heart is a cultural feast of public art displays, concerts, theater, dance, exhibitions, tours, and family activities. It's the town square of the future…now.

   Main Events

What's on Tap Today?

What's going down when you're in Chicago? Greek Fest? Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert? Prohibition Gangster Tour? Best way to find out: The Chicago Events Calendar. It lists all the latest happenings, plus events months in advance.

A Sports Fan's Fantasy

Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, and the Fire. Chicago is one of only 10 cities hosting all five major professional sports. So be sure to catch a basketball, football, baseball, hockey, or soccer game while here. Chicago fan fervor is highly contagious!


In early August, Grant Park erupts with over 130 bands on eight stages, pouring out driving rock, indie, electronic, and hip hop music. It also boasts an expansive farmers market, food stands and handmade arts and crafts. This festival is truly a lollapalooza!

This should keep you busy for a while. For complete information on what to do and how to get around in Chicago, check out the Chicago Visitor Center.



The I.V. Doc Chicago Special


Remember, if you literally shop till you drop, overindulge or suffer from traveler's revenge, The I.V. Doc is just a phone call away:





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