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Jet lag preventions, cures, and tips

By THE IV DOC, April 11, 2018

Jet lag preventions, cures, and tips

Flying in an airplane, although convenient, wrecks your body. The humidity levels at 35,000 feet is substantially lower than on the ground. It can vary from 10-15% which is drier than desert! We are typically used to comfortable environments in our homes or workplace where there is climate control. Temperatures range from 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels vary from 40%-70%, almost 4-5x the levels in an airplane. As a result, we are at risk of major dehydration when we fly. In fact, on a 10 hour flight, a person can lose close to ½ a gallon of water. The water loss is due to simple evaporation. Water is more attracted to a drier climate and the water from our nose, eyes, mouth and throat escapes into the air, thus causing dehydration. Our protective mechanism in our nose and throat is also compromised and can cause someone to get sick.

The dehydration suffered from flying contributes to the phenomenon known as jet lag. Jet lag is simply the result of a disruption of our internal clocks.

Melatonin is a common treatment for jet lag. Our bodies produce melatonin which help us fall asleep naturally. When we travel across time zones, our cycles are disrupted and our circadian rhythms our out of sync. Melatonin supplements taken at your destination can help normalize your sleep-wake cycles.

Other natural strategies include conditioning your body a few days before your flight. If you are travelling west, go to bed later and sleep in to acclimate to the new time zone. If you are travelling east, wake up earlier for a few days before flying out.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol as this can affect your bodys ability to acclimate to the new time zone.

Stay Hydrated! Drink plenty of fluids and eat foods that have a high water content such as fruits and vegetables. If you are suffering from dehydration when you land, find an IV wellness clinic. Or, better yet, call our service, The IV DOC, that can come to you. Intravenous fluids can deliver fluid, electrolytes, b vitamins directly into your cells, where your bodies need it the most. 100% of IV therapy is absorbed by your body and not wasted through elimination or excretion, as oral administration often does. Consider adding glutathione to your treatment regimen to help your body detoxify itself from the oxidative damage caused by flying. If you happen to feel that you are coming down with a cold, try a boost of vitamin c with your intravenous treatment to help boost your immune system and fight of any viruses.

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