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Physician injection of Neurotoxin (full face)

Physician injection of Neurotoxin (full face)

Neurotoxin is a medicine that is injected into your muscles with the goal of relaxing and improving deep frown lines, such as vertical lines between the brows. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that are causing the lines.

Neurotoxin is a temporary fix (it usually lasts 3 months), but it is a simple procedure that can generally be done in 30 minutes or less. Unlike a face or brow lift, you will neither have a long recovery period nor will you need an anesthetic. You will see results of a more youthful appearance from in 3-5 days.

Both neurotoxins are safe, pain-free, and temporary. Your physician will carefully examine you and make recommendations based on your exact features and what you want to achieve. He will use his expert surgeon’s touch to inject the neurotoxin safely and painlessly.

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